CELFS Teaching and Learning Network

Guide to writing a post for this blog

Thanks for your interest in writing a blog post for the CELFS Teaching and Learning Network. We really appreciate your putting in the time and effort to keep the blog alive and relevant.

The topic

The topic can be anything at all that might be interesting to our target audience of EAP tutors. The blog ‘genre’ is very flexible: we welcome both light-hearted posts and academic posts complete with citations and references; we welcome posts with wide appeal as well as ones which may only be of interest to CELFS insiders; we want to hear from a range of people, and that means you.

We give all contributors within CELFS the login and password, in case you need to make any tweaks to your post, and if you wish to learn, we can also show you how to publish the post yourself (ask Hannah, Julia or Katherine: the blog committee).

What to send us:

  • Contributor name(s): e.g. Kaz Yamamoto
  • Title
  • Image / graphic
  • Text: 250 words (we’re very flexible on this one!)
  • Links and/or References: these may be a hyperlink to a webpage, a video, a document you want to share or an image, among other possibilities.
  • Photo and blurb for your profile (something like this)

(If uploading something which may have intellectual property constraints, make sure you gain the permission of the owner before uploading, or choose something else.)

Having difficulty?

Get in touch with us and we will endeavour to absolve you of any sense of guilt help you get your blog post published.

These posts by Paul Hendrie may also help! 1 & 2.

Email us:

hannah.gurr@bristol.ac.uk | katherine.high@bristol.ac.uk | julia.gardos@bristol.ac.uk | celfs-blog@bristol.ac.uk


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