Hello and here are some lo-tech/old school feedback randomisation ideas I’ve been playing with this week:

1) sts names on slips of papers in a hat, pull out for nominating,
2) sts write their names on post its, T sticks these in a horse-shoe on desk (great at early stages to memorise names) then picks up without looking, nominates and sticks elsewhere, – these can be re-used for subsequent lessons.
3) T pulls up register and randomly nominates, in next task feedback nominates others till register is done (kill two birds with one stone)
4) Simon says (put your hands on your head etc) Last one/first one to do this gives feedback. (gets them moving and engaged)
5) T calls out student name three times fast. EG: James James James. St has to say their name once in that time period. EG: James. If they don’t/or do! they are nominated for feedback. (This wakes them up too)

Best Vera

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