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An End of Term Report by Christine Lee

Hello to all our PS friends around the world. Doubtless you, like us, have found this a long term. We have dragged our students through 12 weeks of input and assessment and now all that remains is to… celebrate!

As you can see, the Wills Building and Park Street are already ablaze (with lights… don’t panic!), and the Richmond Stairs are aglow.

Park St XmasCELFS stairs


A new initiative for teachers is now up and running – a monthly meeting for teachers. TTT is Talking Teaching Time (yes, we still LOVE acronyms) where tutors have the chance to discuss current issues. So far we have had a session on Differentiation, as well as talking through the Annual Programme Review. We have also looked at some great new software to help students with listening – Sonocent. Some students are currently trialling it and we will report back in future blogs. In 2016 we hope to generate further discussions arising from our classroom teaching and outside sources/events.

Our students continue to amaze, annoy and amuse us, not necessarily in that order.  The following reprinted email shows that we must continue to work on academic communications.

Dear Tutor,
I can’t attend today because I had heavy stomachache, and I have stayed in toilet 1 hour. I am sorry about that. Can you tell me how to find course notes about today’s course?
Thanks a lot.

In the meantime, all of us at CELFS wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We hope you are able to enjoy a well-earned break wherever you are and look forward to seeing you next summer.

CELFS tutor XmasIMG_0508






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